Co-working OOT Review

Well, it has been a couple of hours.  Not sure if I was “MORE” productive, but I did have fun.

AND… I DID eat 1/2 a brownie, a pop and an expresso.  I got through what I wanted to get through but I am not sure if I was MORE productive.

My view was the back hall, the Exit door and the barista station.  Would it have been different if we sat near a window?  Not sure.  The view would have been of the street and I might have just watched traffic pass by.

I want to know if YOU have ever just decided to go to a co-working place or coffee shop to do work you could have done at the office or home.


  • WHY did you do it?
  • WERE you more or less productive?
  • WOULD you do it again?

Post a comment below and let me know.  Thanks in advance.  Jude

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