Free Education

Is this the year that you try to learn something new?  Check out this article and see the free classes from top universities like:

  • Brown
  • Columbia
  • Harvard
  • Cornell
  • Princeton
  • Dartmouth
  • Yale

Free On-Line Courses

Blogging is hard

Who would have thought that blogging could be hard?  It should be just a quick little blurb about what you are thinking or doing.  But, WHO really wants to know if I am “drinking coffee”?

So we are in charge of blogging for several projects on various topics.    It is not easy coming up with something unique for each project.

Have YOU come up with a process for blogging multiple times a week?

Hello World!

After many years of posting on various other platforms, we have decided it’s time our thoughts and ideas should live on a platform we control and decide who and when they are seen.

No filtering algorithms or censored posts.  Just our ideas and viewpoints as they come to mine, much like this opening post.

Here you’ll find our thoughts and ideas on the topics that interests us most. Primarly that means we focus on business, marketing, tech, programming, freemasonry, history, sociology and philosophy.

Welcome.  Let’s get started.