Thank You USPS

Soooooo, it’s invoicing time at the office.  I realized that I needed one more stamp.  You know how it goes.  You are at work and stuff needs to be mailed out.  You prep everything and pull out your roll of stamps.  Oops, you are 1 short.

I dread going to the post office (especially during the holiday).  I finally make my way to the counter and ask for a “roll of stamps”.  For those who don’t know, “Roll of Stamps” equals 100 stamps that come in a single-file roll.  The roll fits into a little stamping machine.

Guess what — USPS is OUT OF ROLLS OF STAMPS.  What’s up with that?  Now, I have to buy flats of stamps (2 X 10 sheets).  Each sheet holds 20 stamps.  There are 5 “sheets” of stamps in my drawer.

I am a little miffed that I have to track 5 sheets instead of 1 roll.  I get back to the office, still pondering the issue.  Then it comes to me.  Just e-mail the office invoices instead of snail-mailing them.  (yep, we are late to this idea).

Why the delay in coming to the idea of e-mailing invoices?  Not sure.  We have been watching that commercial about Steve Jobs saying “rethink everything”.  We “rethought” how we get our invoices to our customers.  It saves both time and money.

So, in the name of productivity, I am reducing my trips to USPS.  Thank you.